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I teach or have taught a variety of courses in physics including classical physics, advanced quantum theory, and advanced physics units on probability and symmetry in physics

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Threads weave a path through the collection of articles. They correspond to a course or part of a course.

  • A course on quantum measurement theory aimed at MRes and PhD level.
  • The classical theory for oscillations and waves, and an introduction to quantum wave mechanics. Pitched at a second year university level.
  • Exploration of the role of probability in various areas of physics
  • Quantum Theory 3 Quantum some time ago
    A course on quantum theory, concentrating on the structure of quantum mechanics as a basis of physical theory rather than the quantum physics of particular systems. We take a Hilbert space approach.
  • Exploration of the role of symmetry in physics. Covering topics from the principle of stationary action, Lagrangians, Hamiltonians and Noether’s theorem.
  • The physics and mathematics of rotating systems.

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