A flexible mindmapper

Nexus is an open-source mindmapper written in Python and PyQT. It's written with flexibility in mind, in response to other mindmapping software I have used which I found limiting and disappointing. I have used it extensively as a notetaking tool, for research, and to teach university physics as a complete replacement for Powerpoint like software. It's at a beta level and has much further to go, but it's still very useful even at this stage!

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  • Flexibility: nodes can be placed anywhere. Each nodes can contain html text, images and pen input, these can have abritrary scale and rotation. Each subbranch can have a separate scale factor
  • Presentation mode: views can be predefined and jumped to in a presentation with a nice transition effect. Live zoom and panning is available from each view as is hyperlinks for movies / external applications.
  • Cross platform: built entirely from python and QT which is available on linux, OsX, and Windows. The file format is a graph database on top of SQLite.

Still in development.

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