Working in VR

VR is right on the threshold for being useful for work meetings in academia. The idea is everybody puts on a headset, and regardless of where you are in the world, you share a common virtual space where you can interact as if you are in the same room. The tech is almost there, but every platform has pain-points at the moment, so it’s really only for early adopters with high tolerance thresholds. The cool thing it that it works enough right now to be useful, and it will only get better.

The video below is an edited take on what ended up being a 2hr meeting (getting kicked out every 1/2 hour because we were on the free tier). The platform is Glue and it’s one of the nicer ones at the moment. Its main pain-points are that you cannot rez a pdf in-world, and presenting a pdf is portrait-in-landscape so pretty much unreadable. It has one of the nicest collection of environments and a passable whiteboard.

Session in VR (Glue) with Christina.
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