Scholar search

After changing a lot of the internals, Scholar’s content is now fully searchable (as is the other posts on this site). There are a number of operators that are available:

  • Search for a phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks, e.g. quantum information
  • Search for words near each other with the keyword NEAR, e.g. quantum NEAR operation
  • Use Boolean operators with AND, OR, and NOT. Group with brackets as usual.
  • Search on a prefix using *: e.g. operat*
  • Search within particular fields using <field>:<query>, e.g. level:1.

By default all fields are searched unless you restrict to a given field using the field query. The fields that are available are

  • type: One of article, post, thread, or exercise
  • level: the year-level of the article
  • label: the labels attached to blog posts
  • subject: the subject and article or exercise belongs to
  • keywords: subject keywords for the article
  • duration: the duration indicator for an article
  • title: the articles title
  • author: the articles author
  • body: the body of the article of post
  • abstract: the abstract of the article of post
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