Macquarie University thesis template V3

Since Macquarie University has updated its logo and branding I’ve updated the thesis template design. This version has official approval. This latest version is set to an examiner’s copy by default.

Changes from the first version include the new Macquarie University logo, a change of fonts to match one of the official fonts, various style changes and adjustments, and even colored chapter numbers to match an official color scheme.

The files are distributed on GitHub:

Within the repo you will find,

  • thesis.tex: the main TeX file
  • abstract.tex, acknowledge.tex, listofpublications.tex, listofsymbols.tex: frontmatter files
  • chap_intro.tex, chap_other.tex, chap_conclusion.tex, chap_appendix.tex: sample chapter files
  • references.bib: sample BibTeX file

Edit and add to these as you see fit, don’t forget to include extra files in thesis.tex.

mqthesis.cls is the main class file that defines the look, and mqthesis.bst defines the style of the bibliography (generated using the makebst), edit these to change the look.

Various packages are used and these can also be tweaked:

  • hyperref—set up so all links are black but in the pdf all cites, equation references and the table of contents entries are clickable. The pdf table of contents, author, and title fields are all filled automatically.
  • newtxmath—maths fonts to match main font. Lot’s of options so look up the package.
  • natbib—reference citations use the more common numbered style that is found in science.
  • quotchap—Large coloured chapter number and placement of optional quote.
  • amsmath,amsfonts,amssymb—a handy set of packages for mathematicians and physicists see

Good luck!

© Copyright 2022 Alexei Gilchrist