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This is a LaTeX class file that can be used in the preparation of MRes and PhD theses at Macquarie University, Sydney.

The files are distributed as a simple .zip file. Uncompress with your favorite decompression utility, and you will be presented with a “mqthesis” directory.

Within this directory you will find,

  • thesis.tex: the main TeX file
  • abstract.tex, acknowledge.tex, listofpublications.tex, listofsymbols.tex: frontmatter files
  • chap_intro.tex, chap_other.tex, chap_conclusion.tex, chap_appendix.tex: sample chapter files
  • references.bib: sample BibTeX file

Edit and add to these as you see fit, don't forget to include extra files in thesis.tex.

mqthesis.cls is the main class file that defines the look, and mqthesis.bst defines the style of the bibliography (generated using the makebst), edit these to tweak the look.

mqthesis depends on a number of standard packages: {ccaption, quotchap, makeidx, natbib, tocbibind, amsmath, amsfonts, amssymb, graphicx, showkeys}, you may need to either install these packages or comment out the corresponding usepackage command.

Good luck. Don't Panic.

Alexei Gilchrist